Expertise in sourcing and recruiting IT experts and building software development teams since 2010
We hire
IT Heroes
You are protected with guaranteed replacement of the candidate in case of an employee's dismissal within 3 months
Over 250 000 IT-specialists
in our in-house database
We search in non-public, closed, and open sources
We interview candidates to assess their knowledge and skills
You quickly get a short list of suitable and ready-for-hire specialists
You pay only after the employee starts working
About the company in numbers
Only 0.5%
replacement warranty period
is average time for filling the position
3.5 weeks
years of IT Specialists Recruitment
hired IT specialists
of candidates do not pass the trial-to-hire period
development teams built from scratch
3 months
This list is not exclusive and we recruit top performers covering all aspects of IT (Delphi, Cobol, Perl etc.)
We will provide
a candidate suited to your goals and objectives
Why us
We pack your vacancy
We show your vacancy to everyone
Over 93% of all suitable candidates
will get your offer.

We use:
Our own database of more than
250 000 IT specialists;
Closed sources and hidden channels;
Direct search (boolean, x-ray);
Word-of-mouth contacts;
Popular platforms;
Selection aggregators;
Social networks;
Talent Hunting.

Up to 87% of hired candidates were not
searching for a job but were open to offers.
We interview the candidates to
evaluate their knowledge and skills.

We test candidates' mathematical
and technical knowledge.

Our team comprises more than 30
specialized IT recruiters of middle and
senior levels with 4 to 10 years of
experience in IT recruitment.
We find the best specialists
We collect feedback from the candidates
and work with the objections.

We "sell" to the candidate the company and the project itself, not only the salary.

That allowed us to reduce the percentage of candidates who did not pass the trial-to-hire period and were replaced to 0,5% in the last two years.
Proven Expertise
We took a leading part in the development of a platform that unites the most significant social platforms and media channels
We helped to build development teams for Siemens Germany (railway transport)
We participated in the creation of applications for parking services in Cyprus.
We developed games mechanics for financial companies
We participated in the development of customer tracking tools at leading food retailers
We created chatbots for various areas, including HR
HintHero is an experienced and reputable recruitment agency that was founded in 2010. Our company has organically transformed from a development to a recruiting agency, so we are well aware of the internal team-building processes and challenges through it.

We act as partners and intermediaries to connect people and companies.

Our experienced team provides highly focused, tailored recruitment services and finds the most suitable solution for reaching the aim. We support the candidates and our customers during our cooperation.

Since 2010 we have built up a database of more than 250 000 IT specialists and have developed a unique automated system for the target candidate search process.
Maria Dzhus
Managing Partner
Alex Mosin
Chief operating officer

Olga Savina
Head of Development Department
Case Studies
Vendor of one of the banks
Senior with 5+ years' experience in Java (5 people)
The client does not provide full registration under the Labor Code, candidates have inflated salary expectations
In 32 days we provided /specialists, of which the client hired 5
A foreign company
Team recruitment in 31 days, for a six-month project. 3 Middle and 2 Senior specialists
No office in Russia; no official registration; time zones
In 21 days we provided 9 Middle and 5 Senior specialists, the client hired 2 Middle and 2 Senior specialists
A company engaged in the development of software used in various defense and civil sector devices, such as video object recognition, machine vision, and electronic warfare devices
Selecting a Middle/Senior team
Relocation to a city of less than 200,000 people, inflated salary expectations for candidates
In 34 days we provided 5 Middle and 2 Senior specialists, the client hired 3 Middle and 1 Senior specialist
6 Middle iOS + 2 Senior iOS, 3 Middle Android + 2 Senior Android specialists
Impersonal projects, payroll rate at the lower market level
In 27 days we closed the position of IOS specialists and in 34 days – the position of Android specialists. We continue to recommend interesting candidates for Middle+/Senior positions, and have also closed two Team Leaders separately
Retail flower sales: delivery, storage and sales
Find a Chief Technical Officer with customer experience
Recommendations from previous jobs, three levels of interviews with lengthy accompanying conversations
We closed the position in 26 days thanks to our team's word-of-mouth network of contacts. According to the client's assessment, the candidate met 9 out of 10 hiring requirements, successfully passed the probationary period of two months, and was hired by the company
International food company
JS Angular, Redux, React specialists, with experience in GraphQL and knowledge of Vue.js
C-level English, inflated salary expectations
We closed the first specialist in 8 days, continuing to provide candidates for customer projects. The client hired 4 specialists in the first two months of 2021
300 loyal clients from all over the World
Trusted by leading
bRANDS And startups
Should the candidate resign within three months after hiring we undertake to find a suitable replacement free of charge.
Cost is calculated after a free task analysis
Shaping a well-coordinated team: from programmer to designer/end to end project

Shaping a team of 2 or more people as needed
Cost 14 - 17% of employee annual income
Analysing your hiring needs and offering a cost-effective solution
Cost estimated after consultation
Closing current vacancies

Providing ongoing support and HR replacements

Сurrent employees' assessment
HintHero has an exclusive network of top software developers, designers, product managers, project managers, and IT Leaders.

Companies worldwide hire IT professionals through HintHero for their most important projects.
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