HintHero is an experienced and reputable recruitment agency that was founded in 2010. Our company has organically transformed from a development to a recruiting agency, so we are well aware of the internal team-building processes and challenges through it.

We act as partners and intermediaries to connect people and companies.

Our professional team comprises more than 30 specialized IT recruiters of middle and senior levels with 4 to 10 years of experience in IT recruitment.
Only 0.5%
replacement warranty period
is average time for filling the position
3.5 weeks
years of IT Specialists Recruitment
hired IT specialists
of candidates do not pass the trial-to-hire period
development teams built from scracth
3 months
The main principle of our work is the opportunity to pitch the company and projects to all potential candidates, not just those with activated job search profiles.

Since 2010 we have built up a database of more than 250 000 IT specialists and have developed a unique automated system for the target candidate search process.

We search in non-public, closed, and open sources: forums, channels, chats, and developers' communities.
About 86% of the candidates found within the filled vacancies were not searching for a job but were open to offers.

Up to 15% of the candidates who received job offers were engaged through closed forums, channels, chats, and developers' communities.

Our approach of "selling" to the candidate the company and the project itself, not only the salary, allowed us to reduce the percentage of candidates who did not pass the trial-to-hire period and were replaced to 0,5% in the last two years.